Fostering Children & Youth Through Transition, Grief & Loss: Helping Children With Their Feelings

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Grief for children is the disruption of a bond, and in any foster situation, significant bonds have been disrupted or broken. This makes foster children more emotionally vulnerable when other losses occur. A friend may move, a pet dies, or a teacher goes on maternity leave. All these events placed the foster child in a very precarious position. This training will help you to understand that a lot more is on their emotional plate then on other children. You will learn how to address and support the child in a time of transition.

This training will cover:

  • The stages of grief
  • A condensed developmental understanding of how children grieve at different ages and understandings.
  • How to communicate with children
  • How transition, grief and loss might trigger old feelings for the child and caregiver
  • Developing a plan and skills to support children in times of transition.

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There are no trainings scheduled for this course.