As They Grow: The Drug Impacted Child

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This 6 hour focused topic training for caregivers will focus on how children with substance abuse in their life have an increased chance of experiencing many effects, such as poor social, cognitive and emotional development, physical, mental and health issues, depression, anxiety, concentration and learning difficulties, trouble controlling their responses, as well as other traumatic issues. The goal of this workshop is to identify and address the impacts drugs have on children and setting up a successful environment and coping skills. The takeaway from this training is feeling empowered to care for a drug impacted child as they grow through childhood, teenage years and beyond.

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Audience Description

Caregivers, licensed, unlicensed, relative and fictive kin

Dates and Locations

Port Angeles
December 22, 2018 - 9:00am - 4:00pm
Luanne Hawley, Foster Parent Co-Trainer
Port Angeles, Vern Burton Community Center 308 East 4th Street Port Angeles WA 98362, Conference Room Map

Please feel free to bring a meal and/or refreshments.

Please do not bring children to this training as no child care is available.

If you require an interpreter, please contact me 3-4 weeks in advance so arrangements may be made.

Questions?  Please contact Shelly Myers at  or 206 221-0308.

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