Understanding Autism (READi Lab videos)

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The University of Washington READi Lab focuses on conducting research related to early identification and intervention for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which is also referred to as autism. Their work is important because early intervention and detection can change the lives of those impacted by autism. 

The Alliance for Child Welfare Excellence is excited to partner with The University of Washington READi Lab to offer the training “Understanding Autism (READi Lab Videos)” to caregivers for training credit.

The training focuses on “caregivers of newly diagnosed children, and provides helpful tips and strategies for the journey that lies ahead.”  “This DVD was developed by the READi Lab, through a grant funded by the Washington State Attorney General’s Office, and in collaboration with Seattle Children’s Autism Center and Gigantic Planet. Many families and professionals contributed to its development…."

This course includes a welcome and five chapters; is available in English, and with Spanish subtitles:

  • Welcome
  • Chapter One: Understanding the Diagnosis  (Approximately 12 minutes)
  • Chapter Two: Voices of Experience: Caring for Yourself and Your Family (Approximately 10 minutes)
  • Chapter Three: Finding Help for Your Child (Approximately 11 minutes. Provides Washington State Resource Information.)
  • Chapter Four: Setting Up a Treatment Program  (Approximately 22 minutes)
  • Chapter Five: Voices of Experience: The Long View (Approximately 6 minutes)

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Caregivers, Social Workers

Audience Description

Caregivers, licensed, unlicensed, relative and fictive kin

Social workers who need more information about children who may have Autism Spectrum Disorder

Registration Instructions

Step 1 – Click HERE to access the online training main page.

Step 2 – Click on the English or Spanish version of the training videos.

Step 3 – When the training is complete, click the Certificate Request button on the main page, to fill out the evaluation and to receive your completion certificate.