Bullying: Prevention and Intervention

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This 6 hour focused topic training for caregivers provides foster parents, caregivers, relatives and fictive kin with basic information on bullying and working with at-risk youth who have the potential of being bullied. The training will cover how to identify and determine if your child/youth is being bullied and how to work with at-risk youth who have the potential of being bullied.  Bullying basics are covered in layman’s terms.  During this workshop we’ll look at the true definition of bullying, discover ways to recognize it and understand why it happens.  You’ll learn ways to prevent it from happening and what to do when it does - both for the bully and the youngster being picked on.  

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Dates and Locations

March 9, 2019 - 10:00am - 4:30pm
Paul Figueroa, Peace Enforcement LLC
Bremerton, American Legion Hall Post #149 4922 Kitsap Way Bremerton WA 98312, Main Room Map

Please feel free to bring a meal and/or refreshments.

Please do not bring children to this training as no child care is available.

If you require an interpreter, please contact me 3-4 weeks in advance so arrangements may be made.

Questions?  Please contact Shelly Myers at mysh300@uw.edu  or 206 221-0308 or call Paul, the trainer at 206 650-5364.

Sign-up for training notices in your area!  http://allianceforchildwelfare.org/project/caregivers-sign-training-notices-your-area