African American Hair and Skin Care

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This 4-hour focused topic training for caregivers, social workers and supervisors teaches participants to understand the complexity of caring for African American and biracial hair and skin.  Participants will gain skills and knowledge to be culturally responsive to the needs of the children/youth in their care.  The provider will demonstrate how to properly wash, dry and style (including braiding) for African American children and youth in their care.  The provider will give resource tools on how participants get the appropriate hair and skin products for children/youth.  The participants will gain knowledge, skills and tools to utilize with the children/youth in their care.  Participants will learn how to seek necessary resources and support to promote a healthy self-concept for the children/youth in their care.

SAKS Salon Owners – Theresa Johnson & Shelly Gaines are Washington State Board Licensed Cosmetologists with over 27 years of experience.  They are Avalon Hair Technicians with experience as trainers for of all products and application to all types of hair.  They have advanced training including:  Dudley’s University, Mizani Certified, Affirm, KMS, John Paul Mitchel and Nioen Hair Care Systems, and specializing in Natural Haircare, biracial haircare and African American hair and skin care.

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