Intake - Session 1.5 Working with Law Enforcement and Collateral Contacts at Intake

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This is Session 1.5 of the Intake In-Service course, which will support new staff working at Intake to gain the knowledge and skills they need to be effective in gathering and documenting information and in screening intakes. The course is divided into three modules which occur at different times during the employee’s first six months at Intake.

Participants in this e-learning will learn how and why to collaborate with Law Enforcement to protect children, gather information needed for good screening decisions, and meet legal and policy requirements to share specific types of reports and information. How and why to work with medical professionals to support good screening decisions and assessments of child safety is also presented. Participants will have a chance to practice both skills and receive feedback.

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Regional Core Training


Social Workers

Audience Description

Social Service Specialists in Intake and their Supervisors.

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