RCT Resources for New Hires

RCT Participants -

Following are links to important documents and resources for RCT Participants, as well as links to download the classroom session Power Point slides and Handouts. Not every classroom session has an associated Power Point Presentation and/or Handouts, so you will not see every classroom session listed below, only those with materials.


RCT Participant's Welcome Packet

Interim RCT Sessions and Field Activities

Interim RCT

Interim RCT Field Activities

Structured Field Learning Packet

Worker Safety

Introduction to Indian Child Welfare (ICW)

Introduction to Agency Intervention

Classroom Sessions 

Organizational Structure and Legal Foundations

Introduction to Agency Intervention

Introduction to FamLink

Assessing Child Safety

Structured Decision Making Risk Assessment

Dynamics of Child Abuse/Neglect & Effects of Maltreatment on Child Development

Introduction to Indian Child Welfare (ICW)

The Gathering Questions

Engaging and Interviewing Around Child Safety

Interviewing and Gathering Information for Child Safety

CFE/Court Report (FVS & CFWS/Adoptions ONLY)

Trauma Informed Placement

Mental Health Screening and Referral

Chemical Dependency

Domestic Violence

Case Planning and Monitoring Progress

Permanency Planning from Day One

FamLink Labs

Legal Training